River Blindness and the MV Good News Trader

River Blindness affect many villagers and whole societies along the Congo River and its tributaries. Congo River Mission, – since 2007, – had proposed the repair of the old CBFC (Communaute Baptiste du Fleuve Congo) mission harbour at Yakusu and the commissioning of the MV Good News Trader, – a self-supporting medical and teaching mission endeavour in partnership with the CBFC to help distribute the drug Invermectin and also to teach better use of indigenous plants for food and medicine for both humans and animals. The simultaneous improvement of nature conservation and a cleaner Congo River deserves equal attention in isolated village areas. Please consider to partner with us and others to make Congo River Mission much more than an occasional outreach with very limited means. Do see the very short video about River Blindness. dndi.org/stories/2018/revealing-the-neglect-river-blindness-2/