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Support Congo River Mission by investing US $100 in 10mᶟ or multiple 10mᶟ cubes of fast-flowing Congo River water as it passes Kisangani on the way to the Atlantic Ocean and beyond! Let the Gospel go out just as the waters cover the sea, as prophesied in Habakkuk 2 verse 14!

The Congo River, including the Lualaba River, is 4 370 km (2 270 mi) in length and up to 220m deep. Our Great Commission work is mainly between Kisangani and Kinshasa which is a distance of 1 734 km by River. There are about 14 000 km of riverbanks and a great many isolated villages if the tributaries to the Congo River are considered in this Good News work at the ends of the earth.

The flow rate at the Congo River mouth is seasonally affected and can vary between 23 000 and 75 000 mᶟ per second.

Be a Great Commission partner in Congo River Mission church planting, centres of social excellence, the medical River Boat ministry, international missionary and student exchanges, subsistence farming and contextual regional development based upon a Christian ethos.

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