Partner to plant more than once-a-week churches!

What does a Full Gospel church look like in the isolated and deep rural areas of the Congo River Basin? Is it under a tree, under a roof of palm leaves, in the house of the Village Chief or a grand edifice with lights and décor, comfortable pews, the latest in music instruments, magnificent architectural design and a choir in matching outfits, – all meeting for two hours once a week? Will such serve to bring many to Christ in central Africa while injustice or iniquity reign for the other 166 hrs of every week of every year since the Crucifixion? What then should Discipled converts do for the other 6 days a week, having attended church and rested on the Sabbath? What else is there in local society or the region that should be attended to in the joy of Salvation, developed, introduced or facilitated to the edification of the people, prosperity of the region and to the glory of the Living God?