Is the landscape around Kisangani only desolate and God forsaken?

Is it true that because the DR Congo is brutal the international church keeps a distance, and because the churches keep a distance, the DR Congo remains brutal? Is it true that missionaries and NGO workers get caught by rebels or fearsome witch doctors and are cooked in big black pots over open fires? Is it true that travel warnings are designed to scare people away? Is it true that exotic disease disseminate doers of good deeds and that the government confiscates church assets? Is it true that conflict mineral mines use children as cheap and forced labour and that rebels rape the women in villages? Is it true that the DR Congo landscape is strewn with the wreckage of schools, clinics, ambulances, remote NGO offices and once brave mission stations .. still so in 2020? Is there nothing for the international church, international Christian business, tourists, investors, academics, researchers and community developers to partner with? What about the Yangambi Research Institute? The Okapi Wildlife Reserve? The Yakusu Hospital and the University of Kisangani? The Baptist Seminary and library at Yakusu? Hotel and tourist locations open for development? Kisangani as a central Africa hub port? Congo River Commerce? Congo River Mission and church plants? Existing DRC government initiatives that can be cross-connected? Christians, – the world, and Africa, is what we as good stewards make of it all! Your investment in Congo River Mission opens doors! Thank you.