farming god’s way

Congo River Mission not only spreads the Good News and helps to facilitate International Christian ministry and mission networks, but also encourages a 6 days a week social gospel of good works and good fruit in society. Every church plant needs a centre of excellence. A hub of community ministry on all possible and contextual terrains of local society. This includes small scale and household subsistence farming. Why? Because working the land is a God ordained ministry of the soil and of feeding the body, given in Genesis 2:15. Along the Congo River there are a number of factors that restrict stewardship with regard to agriculture and farming. Conflicts and wars chase people from ancestral lands. Bush meat and Congo River fish are easy but by now hardly sustainable food. Conflict Mineral rebel regions leave villagers without any sense of ownership or security, and this situation perpetuates poor and under fed communities, or worse, refugee camps in the eastern DRC. Yet, is a Bible based method of affordable small scale farming.