work horse

This 1999 Toyota Hilux 3D had seen good mission service and many repairs. Presently the body, some mechanical components and suspension show some wear and tear. The engine was re-done in December 2014. The missions highway between Cape Town and Kisangani could not be honestly and safely declared open by means of the Africa Peace and Development Expedition in September 2014, due to travel restrictions in North and South Kivu provinces in the DR Congo. To re-attempt this in 2021 would either require a project to refurbish this same vehicle at a cost of perhaps US $5000 or a full replacement with accessories such as a double fuel tank, roof rack, winch, tow bar, raised suspension, adjustable storage space, canopy … at US $60 000 plus! Plan C would be to recruit a volunteer convoy. Your sending partnership makes the difference! 3 John : 6-8