SADC for Christ detail

How to convey Southern-Africa Development Outreach & Congo River Mission along two projected trajectories between Cape Town and Kisangani and between Kisangani and Kinshasa? From Cape Town a logistic outreach route with rural church plants and centres of excellence as well as enterprise villages need to be developed by the Full Gospel Church of faith and works, from South Africa and abroad. This would ably assist short term outreach exposure for the present and future Christian generations. From Kisangani to Kinshasa and along the many tributaries of the Congo River, isolated villages must be reached with Good News of faith and works, contextual micro enterprise for better sustained villages historically isolated, as well as assisting to combat river blindness in riverside villages. But, this neglected mission field needs partnerships of integrity in, around and from the Church in its international fullness in Christ. Let us all obey and take the Good News to the ends of the earth in time!