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dying embers under the ashes

With a call to missions in 1996 and a reassurance in 2004, the Congo River and Kisangani as mission field stands firm in my heart. The work done between 2004 and 2014 must be followed up. The effort to broaden mission awareness and mobilization in sending environments versus getting back to blow again upon dying embers of faith and deep rural discouragement in isolated villages must now be decided. Do I go just in faith or as one sent according to the example of Jesus and the exemplary obedience of the Congregation of Acts?

Reaching beyond the Zone!

Beyond the Conflict Mineral Zones of North and South Kivu provinces of the DR Congo are the many unreached villages along the Congo River and its tributaries. 18 million souls, perhaps? How can they hear if someone, – feet from the Body of Christ that carry the Good News, – is not sent and sustained?

The Good News Hotel

While the call for missions had manifested in 1996, the specifics about Congo River Mission came in September of 2004! Ground work was done up to 2014 when sending support dwindled due to perceived risk in central Africa regions. Various co-mobilization efforts, angles of approach and partnerships were attempted, – none sustainably. Many with short term vision only. Some merely exploiting the objectives of reaching the unreached in isolated villages along the Congo River and its tributaries to enhance their own ministries. Time is moving along. The work is growing cold. Here-with inviting international Christian outreach minded business partners to procure a riverside hotel as a Business as Mission base in Kisangani with a quay to harbour the MV Good News Trader.
1. Local business development. 2. Congo River commercial stimulation. 3. International mission participation to encourage the local church. 4. Medical outreach in cooperation with the Yakusu Hospital and Faculty of Medicine at the University of Kisangani.

Beyond the drums and the witchdoctors

The Gospel of Good News still has ground to cover. It needs feet to carry it among and beyond the drums and the witchdoctors of the Congo!

The Bonobo of the Congo animal kingdom

Beyond the Bonobo monkeys of the Northern DRC, there are still unreached ethno-linguistic people groups. When will the Great Commission reach them?

an active gospel

It could perhaps be that we as Christians got ourselves stuck on grace and faith alone, and lost the part about faith without works is dead! Mission has to be more that evangelism and baptism or planting a church. There must be productive good works and Kingdom sustaining results. Righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit!