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Reaching the unreached requires more effort

Reaching the unreached requires more planning, effort, resources and endurance. Failing to follow through to make disciples of converts, historically leads to falling away or a contaminated gospel. Make the Great Commission your biggest ambition!

The only way is forward

Are we as Christian missionaries diligent in continuing the work of those who went before? oday

finding the unreached – spreading good news!

Much in the north east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo will be encouraged and strengthened by the Good News and the teachings of Jesus Christ. Church plants with Centres of Excellence that connect congregations and communities provide a salt, light and (Kingdom) yeast catalyst to serve man, beast and nature to the glory of our Living God!

Should everything stop to bow down to a new golden calf?

I have been asked if we should not just rather focus on self-preservation and keeping the home fires burning in these signs and times? It might be a nice way of saying just go with the new flow, a new reset instead of a reformation and restoration to righteousness and maintaining hard-fought Christian values. Why bother with Africa if a new happiness without God is being prepared for us? Many seem keen to rather stay now, eagerly serving a new cult – Go ye! forgotten.

Why bother at all?

There are those, also in Christian church circles, who say “leave them be” or “they won’t understand the Gospel”, it is too far and too expensive! What a waste of money, time and resources! Yet, although the roads are difficult, all the nations should hear the Good News. The Bible and the Great Commission tell us so! Please help to position sustainable outreach to the isolated villages along the Congo River and a way to get there.

Beyond the Silverbacks

Beyond the Silverback Gorillas in the rainforests of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, along the Congo River and its tributaries, are isolated villages that have not heard the Good News first hand! How long still will the Church linger to send those who said: “here I am, send me!” – in order to fully obey the Great Commission?

Who has the courage to persevere in reaching the unreached or undiscipled?

While many Christians now await Jesus’ soon return or the Rapture, no prophecy nor the Bible Book of Revelation puts a pause or cancel clause to the Great Commission. While pressures, anarchy, iniquity and manipulation increase, the obedient work to help save many to the glory of God must be done! Where would YOU prefer to meet our returning Saviour? Playing TV games, in the pavilions next to the big league sports field, in comfortable pews, parading the latest fads and fashions or in the mission fields from Jerusalem to the ends of the earth?

Let the light shine!

Only the light can dispel darkness! The Congo is perceived as brutal, therefore the Church keeps a distance. Because the Church keeps a distance, the Congo remains brutal!