Changing Course

I find myself at crossroads from time to time. I have been mobilizing for Congo River Mission in the Church since 2004. Sharing the Matthew 24:14 vision for overcoming stubborn existing obstacles new breakthroughs and establishing new sustainable methods to reach the unreached at the ends of the earth along the Congo River and its Tributaries cannot take 17 years to be realized from the pews and pulpits of mighty church of God and grand mission organizations, – can it?

southern-africa breadbasket of the world!

Southern-Africa Development Outreach between Cape Town and Kisangani, as well as Congo River Mission have as part of their objectives for sustainable outreach to isolated villages in the NE DR Congo and between Kisangani and Kinshasa, the vision to endow church plants and existing rural congregations with agricultural enterprise practice. It cannot be that a war in the Ukraine is depriving the world of food. If Revelation 6 warns us, then Christians should have been responding in pro-active full Great Commission sending as well as faith in action purpose already!

the church in 2030

Where, how and why does the Church want to be positioned for righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit by 2030? This while lawlessness, immorality, questionable ethics, weather manipulation, problems with water and electricity supply, migration problems, border control problems, serious economic problems, cultural conflicts, centralized government, centralized banking, centralized intelligence, invasive AI, manipulated travel, digital currencies and poisoned antidotes bring disorder to God’s now stewardless creation? Will I remain a voice alone in mobilizing for reaching isolated villages along the Congo River and its tributaries until 2030 and beyond, – the Great Commission incomplete? Sending partners calloused or compromised?

Light to the World

Potential mission supporters, prayer and sending partners and Congo River Mission team members complain that Kisangani and the DR Congo’s eastern regions are too far, too hard and too dangerous to reach! Yes, indeed, it is far from Great Commission churches in Europe, the USA, the UK, AU, NZ and South Africa. But how does God see it? Were we not instructed to go to the ends of the earth including isolated villages, – despite all the turmoil around us at the moment? Where does the Church want to be by 2030?

Were you blessed at church today?

It is a blessing as a Christian to be able to attend church, worship, fellowship, hear teaching, preaching and being able to tithe! 2022 years after Christ some places still have no church …

SADC for Christ detail

How to convey Southern-Africa Development Outreach & Congo River Mission along two projected trajectories between Cape Town and Kisangani and between Kisangani and Kinshasa? From Cape Town a logistic outreach route with rural church plants and centres of excellence as well as enterprise villages need to be developed by the Full Gospel Church of faith and works, from South Africa and abroad. This would ably assist short term outreach exposure for the present and future Christian generations. From Kisangani to Kinshasa and along the many tributaries of the Congo River, isolated villages must be reached with Good News of faith and works, contextual micro enterprise for better sustained villages historically isolated, as well as assisting to combat river blindness in riverside villages. But, this neglected mission field needs partnerships of integrity in, around and from the Church in its international fullness in Christ. Let us all obey and take the Good News to the ends of the earth in time!

SADC for Christ

Developing Congo River Mission along two trajectories. Southern-Africa Development Outreach and Congo River Mission, – encouraging international Christian participation!

More Good News in 2022

May our efforts to spread Good News be increased exponentially in 2022!

south of mokele mbembe

South of Lake Tele and Mokele Mbembe in the Republic of the Congo, Congo River Mission in the DRC is still neglected since the BMS withdrew 50 years ago!

Please partner with me to resume the Great Commission work b.m.o. sustainable Business as Mission methods.