Africa for Christ

Romans 10:14, KJV: “How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?”

Matthew 24 verse 4 and Acts 1 verse 8

How then dear brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, would you want me to report before the Throne regarding the delays and omissions in relation to Congo River Mission? New generations in isolated villages along the Congo River and its tributaries had not heard the gospel of Good News first hand since the BMS withdrew from their great and good works along the Congo River.

Kisangani as central Africa hub port

Kisangani in the Democratic Republic of the Congo was a thriving community years ago. Its isolation in many respects since had suppressed its further or redevelopment as a central Africa hub port and religious centre. The University of Kisangani had started out as a Christian institution. Congo River Mission shares an office in Kisangani.

The missions adventures of Trusty

Trusty the 1999 Toyota Hilux 3D 4×4 missions workhorse is still serving well, – albeit a bit rusty, dented and work weary. Partnering b.m.o. US $5 000 would help to sponsor a rejuvenation!

Deforestation and agriculture

The balances between conflict mineral wars, being chased from tribal lands, deforestation, over exploitation of bushmeat and agriculture are very fine along the Congo River. The absence of the church does not help.
Please support Congo River Mission!

more options to boost your mission outreach

The current economic climate might encourage missionaries to reconsider their outreach model. Where the church sending model or sponsors might suffer constraints, there are Tentmaking or Mission via honest business.

The Plague

Have you noticed how terrible news, plagues, conflict mineral rebels, the killing of local communities, travel warnings and the hi-jacking of tourists, NGO workers and now even ambassadors prevail from the DRC? Is it co-incidence, bad luck, a bad omen or sheer manipulation by plunderers of the DRC’s resources? How then must the Church do its work?

on compassion and the drc

C.H. Spurgeon delivered a sermon on the subject of compassion form Matthew 9:36 ” He was moved with compassion”.

A Sermon (No. 3438) Published on Thursday, December 24th, 1914. Delivered by C. H. SPURGEON, At the Metropolitan Tabernacle, Newington.

Today the same message from Jesus Christ applies.

Helping to get the Yakusu Mission Hospital fully functional would show more Christian compassion to the people of the north-eastern Congo River region!