work horse

This 1999 Toyota Hilux 3D had seen good mission service and many repairs. Presently the body, some mechanical components and suspension show some wear and tear. The engine was re-done in December 2014. The missions highway between Cape Town and Kisangani could not be honestly and safely declared open by means of the Africa Peace and Development Expedition in September 2014, due to travel restrictions in North and South Kivu provinces in the DR Congo. To re-attempt this in 2021 would either require a project to refurbish this same vehicle at a cost of perhaps US $5000 or a full replacement with accessories such as a double fuel tank, roof rack, winch, tow bar, raised suspension, adjustable storage space, canopy … at US $60 000 plus! Plan C would be to recruit a volunteer convoy. Your sending partnership makes the difference! 3 John : 6-8

farming god’s way

Congo River Mission not only spreads the Good News and helps to facilitate International Christian ministry and mission networks, but also encourages a 6 days a week social gospel of good works and good fruit in society. Every church plant needs a centre of excellence. A hub of community ministry on all possible and contextual terrains of local society. This includes small scale and household subsistence farming. Why? Because working the land is a God ordained ministry of the soil and of feeding the body, given in Genesis 2:15. Along the Congo River there are a number of factors that restrict stewardship with regard to agriculture and farming. Conflicts and wars chase people from ancestral lands. Bush meat and Congo River fish are easy but by now hardly sustainable food. Conflict Mineral rebel regions leave villagers without any sense of ownership or security, and this situation perpetuates poor and under fed communities, or worse, refugee camps in the eastern DRC. Yet, is a Bible based method of affordable small scale farming.

congo river villages without churches

No, indeed, God does not dwell in buildings of brick and mortar, clay or straw, – but His people gather there to seek His face, to fellowship, to praise and worship, and to plan for the Good Works prepared for us in the week ahead! In these photographs are examples of church buildings and Congo River Villages. Can you spot any such churches in any of the villages? If not, why not after 2021 years of Great Commission and Good News opportunity, also in Africa? How many villages in the deep rural Congo are not served by a pastor and a place of gathering? Please partner with Congo River Mission!

Is the landscape around Kisangani only desolate and God forsaken?

Is it true that because the DR Congo is brutal the international church keeps a distance, and because the churches keep a distance, the DR Congo remains brutal? Is it true that missionaries and NGO workers get caught by rebels or fearsome witch doctors and are cooked in big black pots over open fires? Is it true that travel warnings are designed to scare people away? Is it true that exotic disease disseminate doers of good deeds and that the government confiscates church assets? Is it true that conflict mineral mines use children as cheap and forced labour and that rebels rape the women in villages? Is it true that the DR Congo landscape is strewn with the wreckage of schools, clinics, ambulances, remote NGO offices and once brave mission stations .. still so in 2020? Is there nothing for the international church, international Christian business, tourists, investors, academics, researchers and community developers to partner with? What about the Yangambi Research Institute? The Okapi Wildlife Reserve? The Yakusu Hospital and the University of Kisangani? The Baptist Seminary and library at Yakusu? Hotel and tourist locations open for development? Kisangani as a central Africa hub port? Congo River Commerce? Congo River Mission and church plants? Existing DRC government initiatives that can be cross-connected? Christians, – the world, and Africa, is what we as good stewards make of it all! Your investment in Congo River Mission opens doors! Thank you.

Partner to plant more than once-a-week churches!

What does a Full Gospel church look like in the isolated and deep rural areas of the Congo River Basin? Is it under a tree, under a roof of palm leaves, in the house of the Village Chief or a grand edifice with lights and décor, comfortable pews, the latest in music instruments, magnificent architectural design and a choir in matching outfits, – all meeting for two hours once a week? Will such serve to bring many to Christ in central Africa while injustice or iniquity reign for the other 166 hrs of every week of every year since the Crucifixion? What then should Discipled converts do for the other 6 days a week, having attended church and rested on the Sabbath? What else is there in local society or the region that should be attended to in the joy of Salvation, developed, introduced or facilitated to the edification of the people, prosperity of the region and to the glory of the Living God?

Invest in Congo River Mission!

Beat the rush, – purchase your fast-flow share cubes today!

Support Congo River Mission by investing US $100 in 10mᶟ or multiple 10mᶟ cubes of fast-flowing Congo River water as it passes Kisangani on the way to the Atlantic Ocean and beyond! Let the Gospel go out just as the waters cover the sea, as prophesied in Habakkuk 2 verse 14!

The Congo River, including the Lualaba River, is 4 370 km (2 270 mi) in length and up to 220m deep. Our Great Commission work is mainly between Kisangani and Kinshasa which is a distance of 1 734 km by River. There are about 14 000 km of riverbanks and a great many isolated villages if the tributaries to the Congo River are considered in this Good News work at the ends of the earth.

The flow rate at the Congo River mouth is seasonally affected and can vary between 23 000 and 75 000 mᶟ per second.

Be a Great Commission partner in Congo River Mission church planting, centres of social excellence, the medical River Boat ministry, international missionary and student exchanges, subsistence farming and contextual regional development based upon a Christian ethos.

Give us encouragement, lift and buoyancy! Invest in cubes of fast flowing Congo River water! Be a certified share cube holder in Congo River Mission! Visit the “Donate” page on this website to make your investment and use the contact form to send us your name, surname, country, e-mail address and the number of 10mᶟ Congo River Mission share cubes that you invested in!

River Blindness and the MV Good News Trader

River Blindness affect many villagers and whole societies along the Congo River and its tributaries. Congo River Mission, – since 2007, – had proposed the repair of the old CBFC (Communaute Baptiste du Fleuve Congo) mission harbour at Yakusu and the commissioning of the MV Good News Trader, – a self-supporting medical and teaching mission endeavour in partnership with the CBFC to help distribute the drug Invermectin and also to teach better use of indigenous plants for food and medicine for both humans and animals. The simultaneous improvement of nature conservation and a cleaner Congo River deserves equal attention in isolated village areas. Please consider to partner with us and others to make Congo River Mission much more than an occasional outreach with very limited means. Do see the very short video about River Blindness.